Thursday, July 31, 2014

Missing In Action!


WOW!!!  I have had a very busy couple of months...  My daughter came home for a visit in June.  She has 3 of my grandchildren!  I was so excited to see them all.  As you can tell in the above picture there is 2 of them.  Briana the oldest and Teagan which is 4 yrs old.  I will get a picture of Carson up as well.  It was a great time!!  Allot of selfie's as you can tell.  LOL

Here I am with the 3 of them

They stayed with me for almost the whole month of June.  LOVED IT!!!  After they took off for Texas I started looking at all the pictures on my phone and you should see all the photo bombs and selfies that the 3 of them left me.  LOL

After they left it was time to get ready for a nice long weekend up north for the 4th of July.  Well...that didn't happen either for me.  My mom ended up in surgery for a hip replacement.  So I thought I better stay home and make sure everything was OK with her.  Went and visited with her on Sat. and did some running around to get her somethings she needed.  She is recovering very well!

After that came STAMPIN' UP! CONVENTION!!!!  More to come....

Thank you for stopping by and stop by for Convention memories.