Thursday, May 13, 2010

Faux Silk Technique

This is a really easy and elegant Technique.
I did this technique at my last Technique Thursday club.  All my club members really liked this technique.  I have to give a Thank you to one of my fellow demonstrators for this technique and the card design.  Thank you so much Laurie Zoellmer!  To make this wonderful and easy card, the directions are as follows:

1.  Stamp image on tissue paper and allow to dry.  Make sure you put paper under your tissue paper, the ink will bleed through.
2.  Crinkle up the tissue paper and then smooth out.  (But not all the wrinkles)
3.  Apply Glue (using the Glue Stick) over the entire piece of neutral cardstock.
4.  Put tissue on glued cardstock and smooth out most of the wrinkles.
5.  Trim excess tissue off or fold over and adhere to back of cardstock.

Close up shot.
How easy is that!!  You are going to LOVE this technique.  If you want to learn more techniques like this check out my Technique Thursday club.  
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